Designing the Right Monthly Income Portfolio

Author: Jason Polsinelli, MBA, PFP, STI, FDS

For the past number of years it has been extremely difficult for Boomers to achieve the kind of income that others were used to a decade ago. Bonds and GICs were paying between 5% to 7% interest annually and stock … read more

Important Message for Self-employed and Business Owners: Let the CRA Foot The Bill For Your Expenses – All 100% Above Board

Author: Brian Poncelet, CFP®

What happens if you or a key employee in your business suffers a serious disability? It can happen literally overnight. A key employee falls ill, or suffers a serious accident. Or if it’s your own private company, what happens if you … read more

Flow Through Shares Explained

Author: Anna Knight, CFP®

There are very few tax breaks for Canadians, however, there are still some remaining. One of these tax breaks is to invest in “flow through” shares. What are Flow Through Shares? An investment into oil, gas, mining or wind power … read more

Why Tax Planning? Key Tax Planning Strategies

Author: Anna Knight, CFP®

Depending on your circumstances, proper tax planning can allow you to increase your current cash flow or increase the amount of money that you are putting away towards your retirement or both. Here are just a couple of strategies that … read more

Why Defining Your Time Horizon is Critical for Investment Success

Author: William C. Holmes, CIM, FMA, FCSI

I have had several conversations recently with clients about the recent climb to new highs in the US markets and a number of the US holdings in client accounts that have moved to new multi-year highs. These conversations have stemmed … read more

Certified Financial Planners Fee vs. Commission Services

Author: Brian Poncelet, CFP®

When it comes to choosing your financial planning professional, which is better – fee-based or commission-based services? There are some fundamental differences, so let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each. Different Payment Options While there … read more

TFSA: Stop the Abuse

Author: John Soutsos, EPC, B. Econ. Branch Manager

When the Conservatives formed the federal government in 2006, one of their policy objectives was to eliminate ‘capital gains’ taxes. Capital gains are the profit generated when you sell a capital property, such as a stock, or piece of real … read more

Beach Money

Author: Brian Poncelet, CFP®

  What is your retirement dream? Picture yourself lying on the beach, soaking in the sun without a care in the world. That’s the essence of beach money. Whether your retirement dreams are traveling to Florida, taking up golf or … read more

Financial Headlines: Cyprus

Author: John Soutsos, EPC, B. Econ. Branch Manager

Last week’s financial headlines were dominated by another European Union member country, this time Cyprus, requiring financial assistance to avoid insolvency. Cyprus is an independent island nation of primarily Greek heritage, at the eastern extreme of the Mediterranean Sea. Due … read more

GIC’s vs. Dividends: The BIG Difference

Author: Colin Oake, BA

What’s the difference between investing in GIC’s and dividend paying securities you may ask? A big one. Actually… a HUGE one! Over time, dividend paying securities will grow the principal through direct re-investment plans, or DRIP’s, where a GIC is … read more